Where have all the photos gone?

These days we snap a bunch of photos from our trips that we love and take great efforts to get. But then what happens to those beloved photos? Do people actually print them out and put them in an album like our parents used to? Now they live on our hard drives or in Facebook albums and that’s no place four our memories!img_4253

For my last few major trips I have made photobooks, to get my pictures off my computer and onto my coffee table. Maybe I’m old school but I truly cherish touching and looking at real photos and sharing them with people who come by to visit. I have used MyPublisher to make my books and the quality have been amazing!


Photobooks can be used for many things, my dad made a recipe book of our families famous Clam Chowder and gave it to all of us for Christmas one year, that was a major tear jerker! Regardless of what you fill your book with it’s a great way to preserve memories! Oh, and this is not an ad (duh no one reads this).


Happy creating! xoxMo


Bedside table DIY

rast-before-afterWho doesn’t love a good before and after project? We needed functional storage for our bedside tables and we are tight on space around here. I searched high and low for the best bedside table that met my long list of needs and nothing could be found that didn’t cost my first and last months rent. Like many so many other people, I decided to transform the IKEA Rast dresser to meet our style and functional needs.

There are so many hacks out there for this little dresser, the Rast is your oyster (what does that even mean?). Like most of my projects and style leanings, I wanted something mid century modern with a bit of a pop.

We painted the frame with a high gloss white paint, 2 coats because the untreated wood soaked up a lot of paint.


Then I did what I think most DIYers don’t ever talk about. I put the project on hold for like 2 months because life is busy and we needed storage right away. Doesn’t everyone do this, like who gets their project done in one fell swoop? Or am I just an indecisive slacker?


This is real messy life sometimes. I’m not ashamed.

The reason I didn’t paint the drawers was because I love the look of the raw wood and think that maybe one day when I get bored with this design I might want to go back to the wood. I had the perfect solution in mind…removable wall paper from Chasing Paper! I covered the front of the drawers and then swapped out the pulls with some snazzy geometric ones from CB2 and voila!


Stay tuned for a whole room make over post!


Making the Holidays Homemade again

So this holiday season, I decided that I will make my holiday cards with my new found love of brush lettering. I have a new found appreciation for card makers/ brushletterers/ calligraphist. For every card that was successful, there was at least one that was trashed. I also was not super prepared to make cards, I was forced to orphan some old cards I had stashed to make use of their festive red envelopes and then had cut each card to size. So having to burn a card for awful spacial awareness or a hand smudge really sucked. Needless to say I wasn’t sending out cards to everyone of my Facebook friends. But I am pretty happy with the few that made the cut, here are just a few.

To cap off the holiday spirit is my tiny little Christmas display, we hung these super cute stockings that I didn’t make…but totally should one day…and our little tiny mini tree.


It was a very happy holidays here indeed, hope yours was too!

xox Mo

Am I really doing this?

Happy 2017 everyone! Starting a blog was not one of my New Years resolutions, but a walk down memory lane of my little tumblr blog I had 2 years ago reminded me how much I enjoyed sharing my crafty/home styler/budding chef projects. So now I find myself here, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this new blog or if I will tell anyone about it. But I haven’t stopped crafting, styling, and making things, so maybe this will be my outlet to share them with you.

Disclaimer; I am shy about sharing my projects and incredibly paralyzed by writing blog posts. So I guess my New Years Resolution is to have more confidence in myself, in everything in my life, and I’m going to start it here!img_4210

Happy New Years…Cheer to new projects!