IKEA Rattan Round Up

Hi Friends! Do I still have friends here? I know it’s been a long time, sry!

I’ve always loved me some rattan, my mom used it like a pro in our house growing up and now that I’m adulting I’m crushing on it again. Rattan has been a round for a while and many of us most likely have a basket or two in our houses, but we can do so much better than that! It’s incredibly versatile and can be more than just your typical Havana and banana leaf cliche decor (not that I don’t love a good tropical vibe).  Rattan is a great neutral that can be used sporadically throughout your space to soften and lighten up a room. It gives the perception of light and airy and even a large piece doesn’t seem as imposing.


While many of our home shopping favorites are cashing in on the rattan game, IKEA has some GEMS that are giving me all the feels. I could list a ton of pieces out there but today I’m just focusing on IKEA.
Ikea Rattan Picks
Here are my favorite IKEA Rattan favorites and how I would use them in my dream space.
  1.  Stockholm Cabinet: Hello my love. This cabinet is everything. Imagine it in your bathroom filled with fresh white towels and aromatic artisan soaps (reserved for  only the time the Queen or Oprah visits). Or imagine it in your living room with trays of cocktails and fine china just waiting to be used.
  2. Soar Place mat:  These chargers/ place mats are perfecto! Use at your dinning table with the fresh cotton linens and off set the casual vibe with your fine china and some crystal goblets to fancy it up….yes please! Or take them out side to your patio dining (if you’re so lucky) and use your every day plates or even plastic and let the place mats settle into the background and let your food shine!
  3. Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp: This massive light just whispers relax to me. Use it on a porch or in your bedroom, and let it set the tone of chill vibes. It’s big though, so watch out for low ceilings, I would even try jerry-rigging it to the ceiling over a dome light to keep it as high as possible.
  4. Stockholm Chair: This was the original inspiration for this post. I need this chair in my tiny living room. It works well as an accent chair, prime for entertaining company. I would position this chair in a conversational way, facing away for the TV since this isn’t a “I sit in it every day chair”, it’s a “Have a perfectly garnished cocktail and stuffed date” kind of chair. You know what I mean right?
  5. Ragkorn Plan Pot:  These planters are great because the mix of the black gives it a more bold look to compliment all the light airiness with this rattan obsession!  I actually have this and when I killed the tree potted in there (because let’s face it, if it’s green…I’ll kill it) it turned into a great catch all for throw blankets and pillows.
  6. Lohals flat woven rug:  Okay, so it’s not rattan but has a similar look and accomplishes the same neutral goal. I love this rug under any color couch combined with a industrial statement coffee table. I actually have this rug too and it hides a multitude of sins….but that means you should vacuum it often since you don’t always see the dirt but trust me… it’s there. Also important to note, it’s not the softest, so for the parents out there, your baby will hate you for having to crawl on it. Just sayin’.

So there you have it! Go wild with rattan! And if you are interested in learning a bit more about the history and anthropological importance check out this Apartment Therapy and educate yourself!



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