Stock the bar- Peruvian Edition

I swear I have not forgotten about this blog, I’ve been a bit busy traveling and getting engaged! (NBD!!) But worry not, I am still getting plenty of crafting in, just clearly not a lot of posting. Sorry.

I  took a girls trip to Peru and did the 4 day Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu (which means 4 days of hiking and 3 nights camping. We did the real deal)! There are so many things to love about Peru, the people, the landscapes, the textiles, the food, but maybe not the altitude. One thing I loved before Peru and it was only reinforced when we were there are Pisco Sours! I love a tart drink and the froth makes it feel extra fancy!


When I returned, we had a chance to celebrate our friends and warm their new home! As a stock the bar party  we didn’t want to bring just any old bottle of booze, we wanted to diversify their options. So we shared the Peru love and got them a bottle of Pisco. I included a recipe and the bitters so they could get right to the Pisco Sour. It was nice to put our personal spin on a traditional stock the bar.  ¡Salud! to a warmed and happy home! 

Pisco Sour




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