a little bathroom humor

When you have just one bathroom you have to make the most of it, and when you share it with your significant other…well…you just have to let the little things go.

The vision was to add storage and style to the bathroom, how much storage I actually achieved…still debatable…but it sure looks cute!


We hung this shelf from CB2 above the toilet and it was no easy task. I actually had a second shelf to hang, but I live that “measure once, cut twice” life and we totally placed the first shelf right in the middle of where both should be. So we’re just living with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


With a new shelf there is a new spot to style! Yes, I am one of those crazy ladies that collect beautiful soaps and never use them unless Oprah or the Queen of England ever stops by. And that amazing turtle drawing is done by a family friend who illustrated for the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Jeff O’Connor.

My significant other and I have an on going inside joke about the ummmm time he spends in there. It’s his place for piece and quite and I’m sure many other guys can relate. But me being the nagging girlfriend that has to share that room with him, I am always complaining about it being occupado. If you have ever played Cards Against Humanity you know there is a perfect card for this situation. So I framed it.


New motto: Sharing a bathroom makes the heart grow fonder.




One thought on “a little bathroom humor

  1. A Worry Girl says:

    Oh my goodness I love what I did with the shelf. Marble is really in right now! I’m also a big fan of the plant you have there. I always recommend Air Plants for bathroom because they have no roots, don’t need watering, AND they thrive in humidity. How perfect is that!? What you did is so cute.


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