Painted Plants

With the extended weekend we tried to make the most of it, which included doing something new in DC. We picked the botanical garden because it was something new for us both, but also it’s warm and tropical in there!

There is so much to take in at the botanical gardens starting with the lush greens, foreign looking flowers, the majestic glass domes, funky cacti and even the detailed tiling in the water pools. I was most inspired by the plants that looked almost as though someone had painted each leaf with a paint brush. The designs were intricate and unique, each leaf with a different design and on plants from all over the world!


Nature and greenery have always been at the center of my design aesthetic, and now I am even more excited to find ways to bring these painted plants into my home and my art!

Side note: I was so excited about all of these plants that I didn’t write down what a single one was! So if you know, please feel free to comment and save me the trouble of endless google searches!



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