Where have all the photos gone?

These days we snap a bunch of photos from our trips that we love and take great efforts to get. But then what happens to those beloved photos? Do people actually print them out and put them in an album like our parents used to? Now they live on our hard drives or in Facebook albums and that’s no place four our memories!img_4253

For my last few major trips I have made photobooks, to get my pictures off my computer and onto my coffee table. Maybe I’m old school but I truly cherish touching and looking at real photos and sharing them with people who come by to visit. I have used MyPublisher to make my books and the quality have been amazing!


Photobooks can be used for many things, my dad made a recipe book of our families famous Clam Chowder and gave it to all of us for Christmas one year, that was a major tear jerker! Regardless of what you fill your book with it’s a great way to preserve memories! Oh, and this is not an ad (duh no one reads this).


Happy creating! xoxMo


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