Making the Holidays Homemade again

So this holiday season, I decided that I will make my holiday cards with my new found love of brush lettering. I have a new found appreciation for card makers/ brushletterers/ calligraphist. For every card that was successful, there was at least one that was trashed. I also was not super prepared to make cards, I was forced to orphan some old cards I had stashed to make use of their festive red envelopes and then had cut each card to size. So having to burn a card for awful spacial awareness or a hand smudge really sucked. Needless to say I wasn’t sending out cards to everyone of my Facebook friends. But I am pretty happy with the few that made the cut, here are just a few.

To cap off the holiday spirit is my tiny little Christmas display, we hung these super cute stockings that I didn’t make…but totally should one day…and our little tiny mini tree.


It was a very happy holidays here indeed, hope yours was too!

xox Mo


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